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Cooke S4i x6 Prime Lens Set


Cooke S4i lenses are one of the most popular prime lens choices for both film & digital cinematography applications. They are compact in size, feature the coveted ‘Cooke Look’ aesthetic and benefit from a consistent T2 aperture across the S4/i range.

Our standard 6-way set includes the essential focal lengths in the Cooke S4i range. All lenses in the set have the latest i/ Technology metadata interface which can be used to record lens parameters such as focusing distance, aperture, focal length and the serial number.

All lenses in the set are fitted with Imperial focus scales. We also stock other individual lenses in the S4/i range including the 12mm.


  • Cooke S4i 18mm T2 Lens
  • Cooke S4i 25mm T2 Lens
  • Cooke S4i 32mm T2 Lens
  • Cooke S4i 50mm T2 Lens
  • Cooke S4i 75mm T2 Lens
  • Cooke S4i 100mm T2 Lens


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