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  • These  vintage anamorphic lenses feature distinctive flare, skin tones and softness, giving them a unique aesthetic. Not to be mistaken for the Evolution Kowa set, these are the real deal originating from 1970’s Japan. The lightweight, compact and versatile structure of these lenses allow them to be used in a multitude of ways, including handheld, gimbal and aerial applications.
  • The Optimo 24-290mm zoom lens is a high performance 12x zoom lens covering a wide focal length from wide angle at 24mm to telephoto at 290mm. With optics comparable to some of the best prime PL lenses on the market, the Angenieux 24-290mm zoom is perfect for drama, commercial and feature productions.
  • Zeiss Ultra Primes are a world-renowned set of high-end cine primes. A Lightweight and high-quality series of lenses with an impressively fast aperture, close focus and focal range. These lenses have become the go-to optics for many TV dramas, promos, features and high-end corporates due to their superior build quality and optical look. These lenses are also a perfect optical match to Master Primes
  • Cooke S4i lenses are one of the most popular prime lens choices for both film & digital cinematography applications. They are compact in size, feature the coveted ‘Cooke Look’ aesthetic and benefit from a consistent T2 aperture across the S4/i range. Our standard 6-way set includes the essential focal lengths in the Cooke S4i range. All lenses in the set have the latest i/ Technology metadata interface which can be used to record lens parameters such as focusing distance, aperture, focal length and the serial number. All lenses in the set are fitted with Imperial focus scales. We also stock other individual lenses in the S4/i range including the 12mm.
  • eiss Super Speeds are high-quality, fast PL-mounted lenses perfect for all 35mm film and digital cinematography cameras. Featuring a very compact mechanical and optical design, they are also well suited for handheld  & gimbal filming. These are the MKIII variant of Super Speed lenses and date from the 1980s era. A popular choice for DoPs looking to shoot in low light conditions without ramping the camera ISO setting.